Tea Cup

You Just Can Not make This Up

We all know who Queen Elizabeth is. Right? We also know that her Mom was the Queen Mum. The Queen Mum’s nicknames was “The Old English Rose” . The Queen Mum’s father was Albert. So The Royal Albert China has the most famous pattern in the world call “Old Country Rose” named after the Queen Mum. Are you with me so far???? Every afternoon at Tea Time the Queen Mum did a social no no. She preferred to use a Morning Breakfast Cup and not a tea cup. The breakfast cup was larger and also called a dunking cup. You could dunk your toast into this cup. When asked why she prefers this Morning cup the Queen Mum said with a big smile. “When you put ice cubes into a regular tea cup there is not enough room to the Beefeaters Gin. So I got to thinking…. If this cup is good enough for that old Queen, it’s good enough for this old Queen LOL… LMAO…. Cheers Tea Cup