Photos of the Week

Photos of the Week
working hard for You
Minnesota Nice
Woody & Tea Cup
See it’s only water
Bradley’s on 7th
Hamburger Mary’s
Steam @ The Honey Pot
Tea Cup
Ybor Wine Bar

Dishing with Mark and Carrie…Fun Date Suggestions

2 DATE NIGHTS Suggestions
On Thursday, October 19 TAMPA PRIDE will Host a Fun “TAMPA PRIDE KICK OFF PARTY”. The party will be at the Worlds Largest Hamburg Mary’s in Brandon , FL. At this Kick Off party will be the acclaimed Daphne Ferraro Stage Production of “Hocus Pocus”  Between NOW and Oct 19 schedule a fun “Hocus Pocus Movie Night” with your family & friends at home. Don’t forget to stop and pick up your favorite Halloween Candy before the movie. That way you can re buy more before Halloween!  Then join TAMPA PRIDE for all the music and magic of Hocus Pocus on Oct 19th.
InterPride 2017 World Conference
    Just returning from a World Pride Conference in Indianapolis, Kurt King and Carrie West represented TAMPA PRIDE as newcomer delegates. Over 100 cities/countries from around the World Pride’s were represented. Thousands were in attendance. Also attending from Florida were Orlando Come Out With Pride, St. Pete Pride, Miami Beach Pride, Ft Lauderdale Pride and Florida Hispanic Pride.
    The conference kicked off to an overwhelming applause for 6 new Pride organizations attending from unlikely places; Poland, Kenya, Guiana, Honduras and Brazil. Countries that often come under attack and individuals often beaten or murdered because of being LGBT! From small Pride groups of under 1,000 attendees to over 2 million attendees at Montreal, Paris, Copenhagen, New York City Pride events.
     In a land that we mostly have known as an anti-LGBT state, the Governor of IndianapolisEric Holcomb and Indy Mayor Joseph Hogsett welcomed all the delegates to the “Hoosier State.” The middle of the state is the state capitol in Indianapolis and is referred to as the “Paris, 300 years after.” by the Indiana Art Museum Director.
    Most importantly, objectives and plans for Pride events around the globe were held in many capacities with 4 mini educational seminars/programs going on hourly. Over 20 global topics with respected and noted speakers lead the hot topics of discussion.
    Topics included Black Lives Matter, Inclusive Sports, LGBT Domestic Violence, Peace Corp participation, Pride Social Change in rural communities, Aligning with Pride Organization Trans Community, Millennial Gay Choices, Latin America Pride Movements, Pioneers of Pride events, Faiths engaging Groups to other major topics affecting Pride organizations. Very informative and educational.
    In selecting future World Pride hosting locations, the worldwide competition was fierce! 2 great American cities had World Pride bids for 2019 (Austin, Tx)  and 2021 (Ft Lauderdale, FL). Both had excellent presentations and leadership to back up the support for the many millions of LGBT attendees. Both lost! Austin lost to Athens, Greece and Ft. Lauderdale lost to Copenhagen, Denmark.
    Some of International Pride delegates told me that because of the present American Trump administration, they feared not getting visas or other countries getting visas into the United States.
Another LGBT slap in the face for equal and humanitarian rights!
Tampa’s All Hallows Ball
This Saturday night is the Largest Private Non-profit Halloween Party in the state. If you didn’t get a ticket don’t worry. Many of the guest will be in GaYbor/Ybor City after to show off their Fantastic Costumes.
Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
The Festival Continues Check out all the film times and dates at
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You Just Can Not Make This Up

There was this drag queen friend of ours. One night she was upset about something. We asked her what was wrong? With hands waving in the air and very dramatic fashion she told us how upset she was with the police. OMG What happened?  She had pulled over to the side of the road. The police stopped and told her that if she did it again they will give her a ticket or arrest her.  Hummm…. Where did your pull over at? With a look like “How could you ask me that???” She said ” On top of the Howard Frankland Bridge in the middle of Tampa Bay!!!” Humm.. Why would you stop there? After another ARE YOU KIDDING ME LOOK she said “That is where Marilyn Monroe comes to me and we have conversations there!!!”  Hum…WOW we though for a minute then said ” You know spirits do not like water. Maybe if you were to talk to her from the shore line she would talk longer.”   Every time we cross the Howard Frankland we look for a stopped car.


Photos of the Week 10-1-17

Photos of the Week
Blessing of the Animals
NY NY Pizza
Carne’s Ybor
The Balcony with Tea Cup
Happy Birthday Mike
Bradley’s on 7th
Hamburger Mary’s
Steam @ The Honey Pot
Tea Cup
The Ybor City Saturday Market

Ybor Wine Bar
GaYBOR-Ybor City 

Dishing with Mark and Carrie… Oct is Packed with FUN

Everyday Hero Taylor Winston

This former Marine stole a truck and everybody cheered him.   Read the story at







The World’s Largest Hamburger Mary’s in Brandon, FL will be hosting this years TAMPA PRIDE KICK OFF PARTY!!!! The night will be full of Excitement,Costumes, Fun & the Best in Entertainment. Included with Special Guests, will be the Daphne Ferraro production of  “Hocus Pocus” The Fun starts at 7PM Make your reservation TODAY at 813- 643-2110




Mark your calendars NOW. Tuesday, Oct 17th at Hamburger Mary’s in GaYbor-Ybor City. Join your friends and family for a fun night of BINGO & Great Food!  IMPORTANT call TODAY for reservations at (813) 241-6279



At Space Coast PRIDE



Come OUT St Pete is Oct 7th-15th!

Come OUT St Pete is a Grand Central District Association series of events in collaboration with neighboring districts, cities and other non-profit organizations. These events coincide with National Coming Out Day and are a celebration of St. Petersburg’s rich LGBTQ history.

Come OUT St. Pete’s mission is to celebrate coming out, to inspire members of the LGBTQ+ community to be honest about their sexual orientation and gender identity, to raise awareness of issues facing the community, and to encourage others to be openly supportive as allies. Come Out St. Pete advocates for community awareness and acceptance of all sexual orientations and gender identities, and encourages a sense of community through a series of events and activities that promote equality for all.

Scheduled Events

Sept 29th – Art Exhibit & Contest Winner Announcement

Sept 29th – Come OUT to the Ballpark! Rays vs. Orioles

Oct 7th – Grand Central Market

Oct 7th – First Annual Over the Rainbow Challenge

Oct 8th – Metro Bedrox Reunion Sunset Beach Party

Oct 8th – Mary’s After Beach Bash

Oct 11th – Taste of Grand Central

Oct 11th – “After Louie” TIGLFF movie

Oct 11th – Urban Comfort Shuffle

Oct 12th – Pre-Movie Red Carpet Party

Oct 12th – St Petersburg Preservation’s Movie in the Park

Oct 12th – Red Hot Party at Enigma

Oct 13th – Come OUT, Stay OUT LGBT Senior Resource Fair

Oct 13th – Metro’s Come OUT Youth Night

Oct 13th – Grand Central Zombie Pub Crawl

Oct 13th – TIGLFF Movie

Oct 14th – Bridging the Bay LGBTQ+ CommUnity March

Oct 14th – Grand Central Proud Festival

Oct 14th – Come OUT ArtWalk

Oct 15th – Come OUT Sunday Worship

Oct 15th – B****** Who Brunch

Oct 15th – EQFL Family Values Picnic

See event details at


Orlando PRIDE Saturday Oct 14th


CONGRATULATIONS Vanessa Vanjie Mateo!!!

Vanessa is going to be in RuPaul Season 10 Show!!! Representing Tampa and Hamburger Mary’s! We are sure she will make us all very PROUD! Become her facebook friend today at


From The MC Film News Bag

The New Season of mad Theatre of Tampa opens with the Florida Premiere of “Disaster!”

You Just Can Not Make This Up

Cruise Ship passengers say the craziest things!!! One Friday Night, on the balcony at Hamburger Mary’s in Ybor City, at 10PM there was this young couple from some small town up north. They were so excited about going on their 1st cruise. I had been taking care of them all night and they had just finished when asked them where they were going next? They asked me for a suggestion. So I was telling them to take a fun walk on 7th Ave. I went on to described some of the colorful people. Being Friday night I said “On one corner will be the religious right all telling us that we are going to hell. On the other corner is PFLAG telling us we are loved. The young girl asked what is PFLAG. I said Parents and Friends of Gays & Lesbians. With a surprised look she said “WHAT you have Gays & Lesbians HERE!!!?? I have never meet a Gay guy before. WOW!” I just smiled and said “I’m sure you have you just didn’t realize it.” She replied back to me (A Big Queen)  “NO I WOULD KNOW A GAY GUY IF I SAW ONE!!!” Her new husband then asked “We would really like to go dancing. What’s the best club to go to?” I just couldn’t resist…. and sent them to The Honey Pot. A big GAY Club. Hum do you think she saw a Gay guy there?!? LMAO


Photos of the Week 9-22-17

Photos of the Week
Mele @ Mary’s Pub House
Tampa City Councilman
 Guido Maniscalco
King Corona
Centro Canteen
The Reservoir
Bradley’s on 7th
Hamburger Mary’s
Hamburger Mary’s Pub House
Steam @ The Honey Pot
Tea Cup
The Ybor City Saturday Market
Ybor Wine Bar
GaYBOR-Ybor City 


Must Do Events