Dishing with Mark & Carrie 1-18-18

Gasparilla Festival Time Begins in Tampa Bay

This weekend begins the traditional Annual Tampa Bay Gasparilla activities with the Children’s Gasparilla Parade Extravagonza on Bayashore Blvd. begining Saturday from 11am to 7:30 pm.

Starting with a vendor show, Preschool Stroll by Lowery Park Zoo, Safety Bicycle tips for kids from Tampa Police Dept, High Flying sky divers over the crowd, then 3pm the Big Children’s Pirate Invasion (in a short way) sponsored by Chevrolet Deralers along Bayshore Blvd and ending at 7pm with the Piratechnic Extravaganza Fireworks Show over Tampa Bay.

Local Dr. Eddie Leonard Makes CBS News on Florida Opioids Epidemic

Local Tampa Doctor makes regional news telling the many tragedies of Florida’s Opioids. Mostly the deaths and addictions that can leave someone down the addictive road.

Dr Eddie Leonard, a friendly smiling chiropractor with the Florida Wellness Medical Group was interviewed on local WPTS CBS Affiliate in Tampa Bay talking about natural and alternative methods for pain relief than that of opiates. Doctor’s prescription pain meds are way to often given to patients to relieve pain from accidents, falls or injuries. One thing is that the prescribed script may be very addictive and Dr Leonard has other natural remedies.

In America the CDC says America has an epidemic level of opiate use including Oxycontin and heroine.


Calling All Softball Players


There will be a Special Pre- Party on the Balcony at Hamburger Mary’s with The World Famous Tea Cup 12 noon -3PM


Metro Wellness and Community Center


NEW In St. Pete

FMI Visit

Reba McEntire at the Florida Strawberry Festival


Tampa Pride BINGO



Mayor Buckhorn joined thousands for Tampa’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade.


From The MC Film Fest Mail Bag

Gulfport Library Announces New LGBTQ Book Club



Contact:  Greg Stemm, 727-542-6958,




GULFPORT, FLORIDA — The LGBTQ Resource Center of the Gulfport Public Library announces the formation of a new LGBTQ book club.  The first organizational meeting is scheduled for Monday February 5 at 6 p.m. at the Library (5501 28th Avenue South).


Those interested are encouraged to bring their favorite books with them and we will be discussing these as time allows.  The meeting will also be an organizational one so that participants can chose what books they will read in the future.  Plans call for the club to meet monthly on the first Monday.


“We are fortunate in Gulfport to have so many active readers and we hope that the book club will give an opportunity to share our reading experiences with each other,” said Greg Stemm, a member of the LGBTQ Resource Center committee and organizer.   “In this setting we will be reading books with gay-related themes and/or written by LGBTQ authors.   “It is Gulfport however,” he continued, “So any straight allies that would like to participate are certainly welcome.”


In the organizational meeting participants will be charged with putting together the structure of the club and how we handle selections.  Some clubs all read the same book, while others pick a genre like mystery or science fiction and members all read different books in that genre.   It is hoped that many of the selections chosen will be part of the ever-growing collection of materials dealing with LBGTQ issues that are part of the Resource Center.   Organizers plan to have a list of possible selections from which participants can choose in addition to selections offered by the participants.


The LGBTQ Resource Center is a project of the non-profit Circle of Friends of the Gulfport Library.  The Resource Center provides collections, services and events throughout the year to the local LGBTQ community, its friends and family.   Find out more about the Resource Center, the Circle of Friends and the Library on the web at or on Facebook at


You Just Can Not Make This Up.

People say the strangest things to bartenders. Even stranger to bartenders they do not know. Recently there was a cute 30 something guys sitting at the bar by himself. I was making small talk with him. Then out of nowhere he actually says to me… “You know I’m not Gay, BUT I do know what gay sex taste like.” Just what do you say back to that? I just smiled and said” Well Gay or Straight, people come in all different sizes and tastes.” 

Photos of the Week 1-7-18

Photos of the Week    




Must Do Events

Dishing with Mark N Carrie…. Gary Town, Florida


Shuuuuush… GARY Town is HOT!

In the 1980’s we moved to a downtown area of Tampa and purchased homes in North Hyde Park.  People asked WHY? We would simply say Adorable & Location, Location, Location    Today it’s one of the HOTTEST Neighborhoods in Tampa with lots starting at $300,000.

In 2007 we opened MC FILM FEST store in Ybor City and started The GaYBOR District Coalition. When asked why Ybor City? We would simply say Adorable & Location, Location, Location. Just look at Ybor City today!!!!

Shuuuush!!!  It’s about to happen again.

In 2015 we purchased our “Forever Home” in Gary.  We started lovingly to restore her and are almost finished. When asked why? We say Adorable & Location, Location, Location.   We were first looking in Ybor City. Then lucky for us, our realtor Tina Marie Elonian 813-997-4321 suggested a big fixer upper in Gary.   So where is Gary? Start by taking a drive down “One of the Top Ten Streets in America, 7th Ave” in Ybor City!!!  Going east on 7th Ave to the Columbia Restaurant. From The Columbia continue east to the Cross Town Connector (about 30th St) this is East Ybor City. Then starts Gary.  From 30th Street on the west, to 40th street on the east. Alamo drive on the south, to the interstate on the north side. The resident district starts at 7th Ave on the south to the interstate I-4 on the north.

Historic Gary Town is actually older than Ybor City. It is where the trains turn around and backed into the Tampa Train Station. This is also where Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders got off the train and then proudly marched down 7th Ave into Ybor. Two of Gary’s most important building have since been torn down, The Gary Elementary School and The Spanish Park Restaurant.  We had many fun dinner dates at the Spanish Park Restaurant when we arrived in Tampa and going to USF.

Today on 7th Ave in Gary, is the La Gaceta Newspaper  ,  the popular Empire Paint and Hardware Store  and Smelt Feed and Pet Supplies  (Also jokingly called The Ybor Chicken Feed Store.)    The new redevelopment of a secret district has begun in Gary NOW. This past week was the opening of The Jameson B. Breadhouse Bakes  There are hot rumors of more new businesses and restaurants opening soon.

Our new home is located at 3510 E 8th Ave.  From here it is a 15 minute walk to the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor. On our street alone there are already 4 LGBT homes.  Besides Location there are several other great reasons to consider Gary. With a $5 Uber fare to Ybor City it’s the perfect place for an Airbnb. It IS NOT in the Historic Ybor City District. So there is NO Barrio Latino Commission and historic regulations in the district yet!  This means you can build whatever and however you would like to.

Today there are more empty lots than homes in The Historic Gary District.  This means buildable lots!!! The people who do live there have lived there most of their lives. We can truly say we have not met one person we didn’t like.   In Gary Town there is truly a sense of Community. Check out the new Facebook group at

If you are feeling Adventurous and like being an Urban Pioneer then Gary Town is the neighborhood you should check out for your home and/or business TODAY before it’s too late.

The Best Part is Adorable & Location, Location Location.   WELCOME to Gary Town





TAMPA PRIDE 2018 Vendor, Parade & Sponsorship Applications Online


TAMPA PRIDE 2018 wants to wish Everybody a Happy 2018The new 2018 Sponsorship Applications, Vendor App and Diversity Parade Apps are now online at


TAMPA PRIDE 2018 is set for March 24, 2018 in Historic Ybor City. This is a fun daytime “Family Friendly” event co-sponsored by Ybor City Development Corp. and many area companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Grow Financial, USAA Insurance, Tampa International Airport, Metro Wellness, Hilton Hotels, I Heart Media, AAA Travel,  Hamburger Mary’s, Hampton Inn, Bradley’s on 7th, Capital One, New York New York Pizza, Honey Pot, Ybor City Wine Bar and dozens of other great supportive companies. Most of these major companies have gone nationwide with sponsorship to other regional Pride cities after starting their 1st LGBTA presence in TAMPA PRIDE events.


After the packed memorable fun daytime festivities it is the bars, restaurants, stores, clubs and community in the GaYBOR District showing the 1000’s of out of area visitors a great night time experience with many headliners performing. A warm welcome to the 40,000+ LGBTA visiting friends and families that take in this great friendly hospitable celebration and stay overnight in Tampa Bay and historic Ybor City. Plan early!!!


The full daylong events this year will continue starting at 9:45am with the huge Vendor Expo, 160+ unit Diversity Parade with our Honored Grand Marshals and local Celebrities, 2 Super Entertainment Stages in HCC Festival Stage area and Hamburger Mary’s Stage in Centro Ybor. Also the “TAMPA PRIDE’S Tribute to the Community” event honoring the Historic Key West Sea-toSea 100′ 8 Color Rainbow FlagTampa Bay Pride Marching Band, Area GSA’s (Gay Straight Alliances) from high schools and colleges on 7th Avenue and the Celebrity Concert in the HCC Festival stage area. Last years singing performer was celebrity artist Steve Grand. News of this years 2018 Celebrity and Grand Marshals will be released soon!


Added events this year include the Health & Wellness Fair in HCC West End Parking lot with FREE Health Testing and the Artisan & New Entrepreneur Fair on HCC Ybor Campus which includes emerging Artists, Craftsman, Sculpturers and new Start Up Companies Booths. Festival & Events are on 7th, 8th & 9th Ave.


So please support TAMPA PRIDE 2018 with your company involvemrnt, organization participating or yourself helping finance, donate, display or volunteer. 2018 TAMPA PRIDE Sponsorship Flags are also available at




Demolition has begun to make way for Casa Marti.  When finished there will be about 100 apartments, 8,000sq ft of retail and parking for 100 cars. We especially like the name “Casa Marti”. Casa means house and Marti is named after Jose Marti the great Cuban liberator who has connections to Ybor City. In Cuba Jose Marti is as well know as Abraham Lincoln is in America. Legend also has it that Jose Marti was enjoying a rum and cola with lime in Ybor City and named the famous drink Cuba Libre (Translation Free Cuba). Located across the street is Jose Marti Park. This ground is owned by Cuba not the USA. Next time in Ybor take a trip to Cuba!!!



The Ybor City Cuban Sandwich




Times staff writer Paul Guzzo always wrights the most interesting articles! This week he tells about a floating Tiki Bar that just purchase “Beer Can Island” Read the story here.