You Just Can Not Make This Up!!!

Back in the early 1980’s we had a friend called Crazy Richard. His name should have said it all. His parents owned an orange grove and was always bragging that he was a “True Southerner.” We invited him to a Thanksgiving Party. Richard said that he would be happy to bring a True Southern Holiday Dish. Proudly Richard walked into the party with a fancy cut crystal dish. In the dish were raisons mixed with pecans. We asked what makes raisins southern? Richard said that this were not just plain raisons but homemade raisons that his grandmother made. Then we got the lecture that the nuts were not pecans but pecons!!! A pecan is something you put under your bed and pee in. Pecon is what you eats. Ever since then we call them pecons and make this dish all the time. Sadly the next year Richard died of AIDS age 24.