The Rainbow Table

The Rainbow Table
    A friend once asked us “What advice do you wish an older Gay person would given you when you were young?” This got us a thinking.  Here is something we would like to share.
    When you become a couple it is not about you & me anymore. It becomes about “us” or “n”  as in Mark n Carrie. We are not saying that you should loose your idenity but that a third person is created “us/n”.  Life is much easier and a lot more fun if you let “us/n” do the cooking. Here is what we did. Over the years we cook back and forth for each other. Sometimes cooking old family traditions and other times new things. When we both agreed that the recipe was GREAT we would write it down in our journal. All theses recipes then received the “us/n” stamp of approval.  Some times we would also write a note about the recipe too.  What fun to come home not knowing what to cook and to just pick up this book. Then to find ourselves saying “That sounds good, we haven’t had that for a long time!” or “Remember that crazy party when…?”
    For many years we have wanted to write a cookbook for our nieces & nephews. With “Dishing with Mark and Carrie” we now have 10’s of 1,000’s of nieces and nephews across the world. Suddenly a light bulb went off. Since we already have our web site why not write it on the site. Now we can share the progress weekly.  To be quite honest… by writing one or two recipes a week we actually might get the book written!!! LOL LOL  We invite you to join us on this journey of creating our book “The Rainbow Table.”
Where did the title “Rainbow Table” come from?
    We were at a auction with our good friend Marie Hall. A classic Florida antique white pedestal dinning room table with 6 matching chairs came up for sale. While Carrie was out getting Marie & Mark hot dogs, Mark bought the table. When Carrie came back with the hot dogs Marie leand over a with a smile  laughing said “How do you like that table Carrie? Mark just bought it!” Carrie was not amuse but we took it home that night.  The next day when Carrie came home around 5pm Mark was in the back yard with the chair seats removed and was busy spray painting the chairs. Carrie yelled “What are you doing?!?!?” Mark said “You really didn’t think I like antique white chairs, did you? 6 chairs 6 colors in the Gay flag, it’s a natural.”  Both laughed and the chairs have been a big conversation piece ever since.