Burnt Lemon Chicken

This is great for big groups!!
Cut 2 whole chickens in half. In a large roasting pan broil 10 minutes skin side down. Then turn over & broil 10 more minute’s. Black Burnt chicken is very good here!!! Cut up into 4-8 pieces per side. Mix together 1/3 cup oil & 2/3 cup lemon juice. Pour this mixture over the cut up chicken.
On top of stove heat up 1/2 cup oil with lots of garlic. The more the better. When garlic is soft like butter  & add 1 1/2 cups lemon juice, 4 Tbls oregano and re heat. Pour this all over the chicken add fresh basil & thin sliced lemons. Toss together & rest for 10 – 20 minutes.
Broil again 10-15 minutes.
Serve with juice poured over chicken.  Believe it or not the burn parts have great flavor!

Left Over Turkey Balls

With left over Thanksgiving Dinner meal.
Mix together stuffing, veg’s, turkey or chicken, 1/2 cup mayo, 1 stick soft butter, 1 egg beaten,  mix all together well and cool.
Form into balls and roll in flour and cool again
Next roll in beaten eggs then breadcrumbs
Fry on all sides lightly & then bake on 350 over 20-25- minutes.
Serve with gravy.
We make extra & freeze to have for lunch later at work.

Low Fat Spiced Chicken with Spinach & Noodles

Into coffee grinder whole pepper corns, salt, cloves, all spice, red pepper, sun dried tomatoes. GRIND all
Start to cook some egg noodles now.
4 chicken breasts. Put ground spice under skin and both sides. Brown in 1 tsp olive oli skin side down about 10 minutes. Remove & cut up.
Back into fry pan 1 can chicken broth, reduce & add 1/2 cup parsley, chopped pimentos & 10 sun dried tomatoes that had pre soaked in boiling water.
add 1 Tbls arrow root or cornstarch  & splash of wine.
Into a soup kettle put 4 cups chopped fresh spinach. Put cooked noodles over and cooked chicken with sauce.  Let all set for 5 minutes to cooks spinach.
Toss and serve with a sprinkle of ground spices on top.