Great Fun Recipe! Pony Tails

Our Crazy Fun Sister, Cheryll told us about a new recipe called, “Pony Tails”. We had such fun making this. First you take 2 inch pieces of Italian sausage or jumbo hot dogs. Then push spaghetti thru them & cook in boiling water. We used sweet Italian sausage. In a large frying pan we made one of our favorite sauces. 4 Tables spoons olive oil and 4 tables spoons butter. Saute 1 large sliced onion and some garlic. Then add 1 cup white wine, 1 cup chicken stock & 1 large bunch of kale chopped up. Bring to simmer and reduce liquid in half. Drain the pasta with sausage then return to cooking pot. Pour the sauce over the drained pasta, cover & let sit for 10 minutes. The pasta will absorb most of the liquid. Add a bit of cheese,
THANK YOU to Sister Cheryll for the fun night! Miss Amber even got a bite!!!

Beef Burgundy Stew

In a large frying pan 4 Tbls oil & chopped garlic. Brown 2 # cubed beef chuck.  Then remove & put into large kettle add 3 cups burgundy wine, cover & bake 350 degrees 1 hours.
Mix together 1 stick butter & 3/4 cup flour making like a dough.
Sit down & drink a glass of wine.
Back to the frying pan on top of the stove cook onions, celery, carrots then at end add mushrooms.
After the 1 hour of baking remove the kettle from oven. Remove beef then whisk in butter flower dough from above. Put the meat & vegs back into kettle. Add frozen peas & heat just a little more.
Serve with bread & more wine.

East India Meal

Part One – Rice.
2 cups washed balsamic rice. Add to 4 cups boiling water with cinnamon stick &whole cloves & dash of oil. Cover cook on very low 20 minutes.
Part 2 – Vegetable.
In a large pan 2 Tbls oil  & 1Tbls mustard seeds, heat until popping stops, then add garlic & chopped cauliflower. Pour in 1 cup water with 1 Tbls turmeric mixed in. Cover & steam until done
Part 3 Lamb Chops – THIS IS GREAT!!!
Make a this spice mixture. 1 part each ground cardamom, cumin & pepper then 2 pasts kosher salt. It’s OK to make extra for other uses.  In a very large frying heat pan 2 Tbls oil Fry red onion slices & tomatoes sliced that you sprinkles this spice on both sides then remove.  Next fry lamb chops sprinkled with spice. You could use pork or chicken.
Serve Rice with Vegs & lamb chops.
We Love the lamb chops this way and many times make just this with tomatoes & onions for dinner. It’s a easy 1 dish meal for two. I made this spice mixture for my parents & they thought it was great too.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

This is my Grandma Bias’s recipe.
1st) Cut the core steam out of a big head of cabbage. Steam the whole head pulling leaves off as the soften & cook. Place then on a cookie sheet.
2) Make the stuffing. Mix together 1# ground beef (use a fatty one), 1# ground pork, 2 eggs, salt & pepper, garlic, chopped onion & chopped celery, 2 cups semi-cooked rice.
3) Put some mixture into the cabbage leaves. Roll & tuck in side. Place with the seam down into a large baking dish.  Cover all with 4 large cans of sauerkraut.  Bake 350 degrees for 2 hours.
When my Grandma would make this about an hour into the cooking she would add potatoes & carrots to bake the last hour too. Then serve the vegetables on the side with a cabbage roll.
Left overs freeze well.

Marinated Pork Chops

Into the food processor put, 3-4 whole jalapenos peppers, 1 bunch cilantro leaves, 2 chopped onions, 8 garlic cloves, 1/2 cup lime juice, 4 cup oil 2 Tbls salt. Blend very well.  Pour mixture into 4 one gallon zip lock bags, add 4 pork chops per page.  Let sit over night in the ref. Remove form bag & save marinade. Then grill over coals. Use the left over marinade to baste the chops with.


When we had the West family reunion Party at Ft. Desota park this was what we cooked.  Used this recipie times 7!!!

Miss Natalie Favorite Sausage & Pasta

When our niece Miss Natalie was a student at USF this was her favorite. When she said she was coming over for dinner we always planned on 2-4 of her college friends coming too.  Today her friend, Seth still calls us “The Uncles” but we now call him ‘Doctor’!!! LOL
1st under cook pasta ( we like shells) about 6-7 minutes and return it to the big pot & covered. (See the M&C pasta Tip)
2.  On top of the stove in a very large frying pan put a little oil, smashed garlic & 1 chopped onion – cook a little.
Add 1″ cut up links of sweet Italian sausage & brown.  Then add 1 can chicken broth & package of frozen chopped broccoli and re- heat.
3. Pour mixture over pasta cover & let sit 10 minutes.
Serve with side salad, bread, parm cheese & give advice to your niece & nephews.  As if they will listen to you!!! LOL LOL
This recipe is easy to increase serving just by adding more pasta or sausage. We have done it many times and is a great comfort food!
In photo Miss Natalie & Ryan

True Romanian Goulash


My Grandmother from Romanian used to make this. She used a big pot on the stove. Today we use a crock pot. We think Grandma would approve. LOL
Equal parts meat to onion
Cut 3 lbs onions & put into crock pot
Next cut up 3 lbs of Beef or Chicken into cubes
Grandma always used a brown paper bag next but a plastic one actually works better. Into the bag add 1/2 cup flour, 1/4 to 1/2 paprika, salt & pepper.
Add your chicken or beef cubes to the bag and toss to coat.
Then put into crock pot over the onions.
Cook on high 3 hours or low 6-7 hours.
Serve as is or over noodles with optional sour cream