Washington Apple

Tea Cup’s Favorite Shot
2 oz Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey
2 oz Sour Apple schnapps
2 oz cranberry juice.
Pour over ice, shake to chill & strain out!
Viva La GaYBOR!!!
Instead of Crown Royal use Captain Morgan Rum and you have a Rotten Apple
Instead of sour apple use Amaretto and you have a Bearded Clam
Tea Cup’s Favorite Shot is still the Washington Apple!!! LOL LOL

Chocolate Crescent Rolls

Our niece Meagan taught us this one.
Pick up a tube of crescent rolls. Open then and put a square of Hershey chocolate on each one then roll up.
Brush with egg & milk wash, then dust with sugar & bake per directions.  All the kids young & old like these!!

Glen’s Sangria

For years our sangria tasted like cheap collage what ever punch. Then Our friend Glen made his & told us the “Shuu Secret!!!”  It’s the Brandy!!!
Here is his Secret Recipe
Mix 1 bottle merlot wine
1/4 bottle Burgundy wine
 2-4 cups  OJ
 2-4 cups  Pineapple juice
 2-4 cups Apple juice
1/2 cup Sugar
4-8 shots Brandy
juice of 1 lime & 1 lemon.
Mix all together.
Serve over ice with orange slice & grapes add a splash of club soda!!!
You can change it to white wine for White Sangria just don’t forget the brandy!! LOL