Dishing with Mark and Carrie…AMAZING TAMPA PRIDE 2017

It truly takes a Community to Host TAMPA PRIDE!!!!
The Tampa Bay Community is more United Than Ever!
Here is TAMPA PRIDE 2017 in Photos.

Dishing with Mark and Carrie 2-23-17

TAMPA PRIDE 2017 Grand Marshal GALA
What an incredible night for everybody. This years Grand Marshals are all so Fantastic!!!  A special Thank You to Florida Avenue Brewing @ The Brew Bus for hosting the event.

Who wants to go on a Tampa PRIDE Cruise?

Details will be announced at the Tampa PRIDE Launch Party!!! Thursday Sept 29th, 7-10PM at Southern Nights Ybor City.

Dishing with Mark and Carrie 3-31-16

Tampa Pride 2016.
Several years ago, after many interviews we wrote the column “The Bars that Were”  The most interesting part was the many different memories. It all depended on your age and where you were in life at that time. The same club would have many very different descriptions. The same can be said about Tampa Pride 2016. Here are just some of the many different memories.
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USAA Tampa Pride 2016
Jay Attends: Tampa Pride 2016
Josh Neeley: Pride 2016
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B Kellz: Tampa Pride 2016
Don Stailey: Tampa Pride Festival
Don Stailey: Tampa Pride Parade
Don Stailey: Tampa Pride Marching Band
Charlie Lopez: Tampa Gay Pride March 2016
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Tampa Pride 2016 Sponsor Party


TAMPA PRIDE Sponsors Party


The view was beautiful, the weather was spectacular, and the food and company was out of sight.

Tampa Waterside Marriott was the host and TAMPA PRIDE Sponsor for this years corp VIP Event.

Red lights were aimed upward around the huge Florida Ballroom. DJ Kennedy had the party rockin and servers walking around the large ballroom had a wide variety of specialty morsels of delicious appetizers the hotel chefs had created. This is the Kick-Off to TAMPA PRIDE 2016!

TAMPA PRIDE Sponsors Party had all the sponsors sharing and networking. TAMPA PRIDE Stand Fronts, Banners and 2016 TP Rainbow Sponsors Flags were all over decorating the huge packed room. In the back was all the Marriott Flag Hotels. Courtyard, Marriott, Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn banners.

“We are so proud to have introduced new companies in the area to the Tampa Diversity Spectrum of TAMPA PRIDE.” said Carrie West, President of Tampa Pride 2016.

It’s all about the Corridor of Prides in Central Florida.”

Pointing out new Pride sponsoring companies that have never been involved or dwelled into the GLBT marketplace. New comers are Bristol-Myers Squibb , an international pharmaceutical company who in a big way had a Pre Pride Pep Rally Party & BBQ with 200  of the employees at its new corporate campus next to Tampa Intl Airport. Last year new companies who never had been a part of any GLBT venture or the vast Tampa Bay  Diversity inclusion included USAA Insurance, Grow Financial and T-Mobile Communications.

Highlighted guests were TAMPA PRIDE Grand Marshal Russell Rhodes, Fox 13 TV Morning News anchor, of ‘Good Day Tampa Bay’ saying tearful, ” I am a very…very Proud Gay Man!” His personal chronicles were both humerous and heartfelt.

The other Grand Marshal Lorraine Langlois, CEO of Metro Wellness and Community Centers had a fall and broke her leg. She was scheduled to be in surgery when the party took place. A toast was raised for her speedy recovery and honor.

A New Award by TAMPA PRIDE is the “Recognized Community GLBT Supporter Award” that went out to 2 larger than life individuals in Tampa Bay. 1st is Joe Redner, local businessman and Human Rights activist who gave a very personal and touching story to the audience. The 2nd is former Mayor Pam Iorio, now CEO & President of Big Brother Big Sisters of America. She was away on a conference heading back to Tampa for the TAMPA PRIDE weekend events.

A gentleman who went to TAMPA PRIDE meetings lat year and has a whale of a tale.

Charles Clancey was part of the pioneer activists that held the first Gay Parade in the United States prior to Stonewall in Provincetown in the mid 1960’s.

 “We went to get a permit for a parade and were denied because we were just homosexuals.” he explained. “So we were on the side of the street when the P-Town Parade past by and ended and we just got up with signs we made our own Gay parade and continued on. The police were out numbered by the 200 gays that marched. You have to realize the city jail only had for cells!” he laughed.

He went on telling the all eared crowd.  “I was fired from Harvard Trust Bank because they found out I was a homosexual!”

You will be hearing a lot more about the historic pioneer activism of Charles Clancey in the future on many broadcasts and in magazine articles.

We salute the Marriott Corp for all their help and Partnering!



Key West Historic Flag


(in photo Key West, spring of 2003)


A very special section of the Historic Key West 8 Color Rainbow Flag was presented on 7th Ave in Ybor City’s GaYBOR District for the weekends TAMPA PRIDE Parade Celebration.

Section #93, part of the 1.25 mile sewn Key West Rainbow Flag that was made in 2003, just returned from Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in Australia. The original mammoth Rainbow flag was unfurled down Duval Street in Key West from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean and both ends dipped into the respective oceans. The special 8 color Rainbow Pride Flag was designed by artist Gilbert Baker in 1978!

“While in Sydney the flag took a added dip into the Pacific Ocean.” remarked Mark Ebenhock, Executive Director of LoveisLove Key West.

We want to Thank LovisLove Key West for helping provide the historic Key West Rainbow Flag to TAMPA PRIDE 2016 for its last memorable historic parade performance.
“Sacred Flag “, section #93 name,  was specially transported to Tampa for the TAMPA PRIDE Weekend Event. The flag past tens of thousands of GaYBOR District cheering spectators not once but 3 emotional moment times!.

The 8 color flag had its own celebration on Saturday. The flag was carried by members and employees of Marriott Corp and Tampa Marriott Waterside. The Special historic  Key West Rainbow Flag Celebration was held in front of Hamburger Mary’s in Centro Ybor on 7th. Each of the flags were anointed to the large distinguished Key West Flag to 4 other GLBT community represented flags (Rainbow, Bear, Leather Community and Transgender flag)  and the United States Flag that had been given to TAMPA PRIDE and had been flown over the U.S. Capital given by Representative Kathy Castor.

The ceremony started 1 hour late due to flat tires on the street barricades semi truck on I-4! Barricades were then rushed into place.

Standing with the employees of the Marriott both Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio and Award winner of this years new TAMPA PRIDE Recognized Community GLBT Supporter Award  held the special 25′ x 16′,  famed #93, International traveled Rainbow section.

In the front of the line-up flag carriers was the Tampa Bay Rainbow Pride Band performing a cadence march along with Marriott Waterside Manager Ron McAnnaugh. A Drone took overhead video and pictures of the remarkable and memorable moments above 7th Ave for both the flag ceremony and the large TP Parade.

Section #93 now has special instructions as it has already been to over 120 countries around the world. The precious section, “Sacred Flag”, is now heading to the White House and will be on display in Washington, DC for the next 6 weeks. The trail ends in Washington, DC as it will then be traveling over to the Smithsonian Institute Museum for permanent historic display.

Marriott employees said, “They wanted their DNA on this celebrated historic Rainbow flag!”


Gasparilla Film Festival

The 10th Annual Gasparilla Film Festival is running now thru April 3, 2016. The festival features movies, interactions with filmmakers and events in Ybor City FYI



Mary’s Cares / Fred Green Family

We at Hamburger Mary’s care a great deal not only for our community at large, but our Mary’s Family as a whole.

When one of us suffers a loss, we all feel that loss.

The best way for us to show this appreciation to all of our family is to help contribute in times of need.

Fred Green, one of our kitchen staff in the historic

Ybor City, Tampa location has just suffered a tremendous loss in his family.

His wife, Lisa passed away after a long and difficult battle with cancer.

We all understand what a tough time his family must now endure and ask that ALL of our Hamburger Mary’s families from around the country will show it in their hearts to donate for the services and arrangements that must be made to lay her peacefully to rest.

Please find it in your hearts to donate what you can so he and his children can make the proper arrangements to ease dealing with such a horrific loss in their family.

Anything helps, if even only $5.

Join us in showing our love and support to this amazing person and friend in his time of need.

Thank you to all for your generosity,

Hamburger Mary’s Tampa Family


Dishing with Mark and Carrie 3-24-16

Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin Beckner Issues Gay Pride Proclamation.
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Congratulations Nancy & John Desmond
TAMPA PRIDE is so PROUD of our board members Nancy & John. Community leaders of P-FLAG. Here is the article in the Tampa Bay Times.  CLICK HERE
It truly takes a village to host Tampa Pride. Volunteers from across the State & Country have come together to give you the Best Pride Experience Ever!
Here are the Highlight you need to know.
The TAMPA PRIDE 2016 Parade & Festival
Arrive early.
There are two large parking garages in Ybor City.
  Arrive by Bus, Street Car or Uber would also be fun.
The TAMPA PRIDE Street Festival
Will be in and around Centennial Park
 1800 E 8th Ave. 10AM to 5PM
 Starting with a Special Key West RB Flag Ceremony at 12Noon
going down 7th Ave in front of Centro Ybor.
The Parade will start at 1PM. The Parade Route starts at 7th Ave & 12th St. traveling East on 7th Ave, ending in Centennial  Park.
Main Stage
Will be in Centennial Park.
A Packed Full Day of Fabulous Entertainment Starting at 10AM
Hamburger Mary’s Stage
Located in Centro Ybor with continuous Entertainment all day.
Children Friendly Area
West side of Centennial Park
Will be located on both sides of the Main Stage and Festival areas.
Volunteers from Balance Tampa Bay &  SunCoast Soft Ball league will hosting the beer tents.
Your Support
Please support businesses that are flying the Rainbow Pride Flag!!!
Huge Thank YOU the Promo Printing Team

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Bristol-Myers Squibb 1st time ever in a Gay Pride Event

TAMPA PRIDE 2016 ends at 5PM.
The Magic of GaYBOR then takes over.00 944859_1109182779104645_6106398020439692498_n 12418073_1074355429269673_647816514614880403_n 12377993_1071879192850630_753822207644003108_o 10592786_1068995579805658_2773161554870117154_n 10418860_10153586282648049_1664944263914035978_n 10334428_10153624141208049_7042143389990792534_n 10312352_1089510694427216_144333644988299745_n 10174891_10156757418270165_4311909356274150868_n 1958357_10156756406255165_3295531819154533032_n 1935800_10207774478753368_3443235612457628207_n 1919284_10156756406625165_5735311616918047937_n 12719630_1293525040663968_2080194460305842295_o 12747230_1271946092821863_8207753115090868147_o 12764448_1265043710178413_468204115213186497_o 12791033_10153586285853049_4141447593428341509_n 12809603_1016503388422196_1430591086816747467_n dishing full Renee_Warmack_PrideFB2016
Here are some of the EXCITING PARTIES PLANNED for YOU