Closing G.Bar Crew Photos

G.BAR Closing Party
    Another end of an era happened this past weekend in GaYBOR/ Ybor City, G.BAR closed. The space will reopen as Southern Nights Tampa on June 18th. The G.BAR family was a very close family that we were lucky to be a part of. Before the doors opened our camera was invited in for one last time. Co-owners Stephen Moss and Steve Donahue at the last weekly helm of 450 weeks celebrated all the memories with great wit and sincerity that were accomplished by the bartenders, greeters and staff and of course, you the weekly invited guests. Below are those bar cast members last group photos. The doors opened to 1000’s of friends and fans later and the lines never quit or seem to shorten all night long.
     Many people in attendance came from all over the country to relive their memories of G. Bar! Everyone were reminiscing on all the 1st that happened there for them. Their 1st Gay Bar experience. First Love(s). First legal drink. The memorable crazy decorated theme parties. The talented national acts including Lady Gaga and dozens of other international top pop artists performing. The new friends and lasting relationships. The first times went on and on to a packed standing ovation of fond period era of recollections.
    Some of the staff will be staying with the new club. Others will be at The Honey Pot every weekend.  THANK YOU to Stephen, Steve & Ernie for a GREAT PARTY!!!