You Just Can Not Make This Up.

We were in our bank in Ybor City. The branch manager was helping us with some things at her desk. A homeless guy walks in and tells her that he is more important than us and to help him now. She smiles and says no have a seat. Then goes on to say how the regional manager is there watching and checking up on the branch. Just then a guy and woman come out of the restroom. Right in front of her desk the woman collapses onto the floor and starts to make noise. Without missing a beat, the manager calls 911 and continues to help us. She has 911 on speaker phone as they are asking her questions. The regional manager comes out with a strange look on his face. WHATS GOING ON???? The manager just smiled.  About 20 minutes pass and no 911 ambulance. Meanwhile the homeless guys is talking to the lady on the floor. When he asks if she would like some pot. The lady sits right us and is better right away. LOL. The manager then recalls 911 who on the speaker phone says…” If the ambulance is not there in the next 5 minutes call back.” The ambulance guys arrived and the lady and guy now realize they might have pot on them and lock themselves into the restroom. The manager opens the door with a key and the woman is taken away on a stretcher. Just a day in Ybor City LMAO