Sarasota Pride, #28

    Sarasota Pride just had its 28th Annual Pride Festival. Plenty of vendors, entertainment but lacked on food vendors for the event. Construction by the city could be one of the reasons. A limited amount of vendors were given access because of construction in the area. Lucky for the Festival coordinators, the city had finished the street and park construction 1 week before the planned Pride event. That we know is a hair pulling & bite your nails scenario.
    On stage were local female impersonation performances, The women rock band- Cheaters, Blue Apron Band & more.
    The festival is always growing and it represents a good portion of Sarasota area. A super outdoors day had local downtown residents walking through the festival area. Accepting is a key part of the charm Sarasota community brings to the lower bay area.
    Kudos to Cindy Barnes and the Board of Sarasota Pride.