You Just Can Not Make This Up

There was this drag queen friend of ours. One night she was upset about something. We asked her what was wrong? With hands waving in the air and very dramatic fashion she told us how upset she was with the police. OMG What happened?  She had pulled over to the side of the road. The police stopped and told her that if she did it again they will give her a ticket or arrest her.  Hummm…. Where did your pull over at? With a look like “How could you ask me that???” She said ” On top of the Howard Frankland Bridge in the middle of Tampa Bay!!!” Humm.. Why would you stop there? After another ARE YOU KIDDING ME LOOK she said “That is where Marilyn Monroe comes to me and we have conversations there!!!”  Hum…WOW we though for a minute then said ” You know spirits do not like water. Maybe if you were to talk to her from the shore line she would talk longer.”   Every time we cross the Howard Frankland we look for a stopped car.