You Just Can Not Make This Up

Cruise Ship passengers say the craziest things!!! One Friday Night, on the balcony at Hamburger Mary’s in Ybor City, at 10PM there was this young couple from some small town up north. They were so excited about going on their 1st cruise. I had been taking care of them all night and they had just finished when asked them where they were going next? They asked me for a suggestion. So I was telling them to take a fun walk on 7th Ave. I went on to described some of the colorful people. Being Friday night I said “On one corner will be the religious right all telling us that we are going to hell. On the other corner is PFLAG telling us we are loved. The young girl asked what is PFLAG. I said Parents and Friends of Gays & Lesbians. With a surprised look she said “WHAT you have Gays & Lesbians HERE!!!?? I have never meet a Gay guy before. WOW!” I just smiled and said “I’m sure you have you just didn’t realize it.” She replied back to me (A Big Queen)  “NO I WOULD KNOW A GAY GUY IF I SAW ONE!!!” Her new husband then asked “We would really like to go dancing. What’s the best club to go to?” I just couldn’t resist…. and sent them to The Honey Pot. A big GAY Club. Hum do you think she saw a Gay guy there?!? LMAO