You Just Can Not Make This Up

This week the University of Tampa started back up. 1,000’s of people filled the dorms up. We meet a fun Italian couple from the North east. They were excite that their only son & child was starting at UT. After our 3rd cocktail together, in Ybor City asked “Is your son Gay or straight?” With a very shocked look they said…..”Nobody has every asked that question before?” Hum… “Well dose he have a girlfriend?” She replies “Oh no he is too busy studying for all that?” “OK so then he is GAY. We will see him in Ybor City. Tell him about 18 and up night at the Honey Pot. And this Thanksgiving when he comes home with his friend. That’s probably his boyfriend ” OMG then I realized did I just out this guy? BUT WAIT Mothers always know!!! The couple said that they can’t wait to come back to Ybor over the next 4 years.  Did you know there is a LGBT group at UT?