Rustic Steel Creations

    The Hillsborough Arts Council had a community field trip and had a great privilege and time at the famed Rustic Steel Creations studios in Seminole Heights. An imaginary studio where concepts turn into fantastic art creations. All the metal glistening dragons, enormous glimmering fish, exotic privacy gates and composed land art pieces all around the Florida and the Tampa Bay area are a  fixation. made out of old parts at the corner of Highlands Ave and MLK, Jr Blvd.
    We were so happy to get invited to see a broader spectrum of the metallic works, the understanding of how the creations were conceived and a chance to meet up with artist and his team.
    Rustic Steel Creations founder Dominique Martinez is a welding artist with a passionate love for making custom sculptures, banisters and gates from steel, aluminum and iron. Dominique and his artist team look at working with the metals as an art form and approach each new project like creating a piece of visionary and imaginative art.
    His fervent humor and description of many pieces starting concepts were truly letting his inner expanding reflection of the rustic materials he has materialized and molded.
    His work is best described by the pieces that you may recognize all around the Tampa Bay area. Metallic shiny dragons on top of buildings, chickens in the lawn at HCC Ybor, to many pieces that are at Busch gardens. Hats off to a great community artisan.